Barclays and Standard Chartered plenary meetings interrupted by protesters


The annual general meeting of Barclays and Standard Chartered banks was interrupted Wednesday, days after a similar action at HSBC’s general meeting, as pro-environment protesters demanded that they stop investing in fossil fuels. The environmental group Extinction Rebellion and Money Rebellion association said in their statements on Wednesday, that in total “60 people helped cut the interventionsfrom bank managers.

During Barclays’ General Meeting in Manchester, chairman of the board, Nigel Higgins, was forced to suspend the meeting as security guards led the protesters out after repeated interruptions. Some demonstrators were clinging to their seats to prevent them from being forced out. “You’re all climate criminalsA protester shouted, according to a video on the Manchester Evening News website. Similarly, at Standard Chartered AGM in London, protesters were forcibly dragged out of the hall after refusing to leave. About fifteen demonstrators last week”Money money money“From Abba, with HSBC’s AG.

Banks regularly target criticism from NGOs

According to NGO statements, Barclays “Britain’s largest fossil fuel investor» and injected «over $19.6 billion in the industry in 2021 alone“. “Standard Chartered raised over $6 billion in funding the same year“, to actualize “third bank to finance fossil fuelsAccording to the same source, after Barclays and HSBC in the UK. Money Riot warns”More protests planned at Lloyd’s of London and Shell AGMslater in May. NGOs regularly denounce banks’ inaction and even hypocrisy in the face of the fight against fossil fuels and climate change. NGO Recovery Funding, specifically a year ago “scary threesomeFrom Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered,accounting for over 94% of coal financing from UK banksIn February, the British NGO ShareAction denounced the billions of dollars European banks have injected into companies developing oil and gas production, despite their commitments in favor of the climate, citing in particular HSBC and Barclays, and then French BNP Paribas.


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