Farmer seeds: Focus on environment and installation


Terres Innovantes, the endowment fund for Young Farmers, has launched the 2022 edition of the Farmer’s Seeds competition, which rewards innovative projects run by start-up young farmers.

The 2021 edition was won by Antoine Helleboid, a farmer in Pas-de-Calais, for his investment in Solaal. © LD

Discovering new faces of farmers, promoting the profession and innovations in the sector: This is the main objective of the Farmer Seeds competition, organized by Terres Innovantes, the donation fund for young farmers. Every year, it allows the public to choose their favorite young farmer.

To compete, two criteria must be met: Being a farmer living on a 1 to 1 farmprivate Developing innovative approaches for January 2015 and 31 December 2020 and our regions.

Conservation of natural resources

This year, agricultural projects related to the conservation of natural resources and combating climate change were honored while maintaining an economically sustainable agriculture perspective.

For example, sign up before May 9 to try to be one of the contest’s 10 finalists if you take one of the following actions in your region:

– water management for optimum consumption (water storage, etc.);

– air management (initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions)2ndeg on farms etc.);

– soil management (conservation farming, etc.);

– biodiversity management (conservation measures, erection of fences, etc.).

popular vote

Following a selection by the jury, 10 finalists compete and the public is invited to choose their favorite candidate by voting on the Seeds of Farmers website in July and August. At the end of the competition, each of the three winners wins a check for 3,000 Euros, while the 10 finalists will be rewarded with joint gifts. The awards ceremony will take place during Terres de Jim, which will take place this year in Loiret, Outarville.

The competition also offers a communication relay for the winning projects through press articles, reports on television news and on social networks. This was especially true for the winner of the 2021 edition, Antoine Helleboid, a farmer in Tilques in Pas-de-Calais. The theme focused on solidarity and mutual aid, and the representative of the Hauts-de-France region was awarded for his dedication to the Solaal agricultural donor association. Visit to learn more www.demainjeseraipaysan.fr.

Virginie Charpenet and Apolline Vasseur

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