The environment, which is a very important task for firefighters


May 4, International Firefighters Day, is an opportunity to remember that protecting the environment is a full-fledged civil security duty.

“La Terre, Lapierre et Vous”, the program devoted to ecology, deals with firefighters every day at 11:50 am on Radio SCOOP, Wednesday 4 May. Environmental protection is at the heart of their daily tasks.

International Firefighters Day, held annually on May 4, is celebrated on December 4 in St. Barbara’s Day and National Day, which usually takes place in June, is one of the three most important days of the year. for health condition).

Protecting the environment is a duty in itself

Environmental protection has become one of the missions of civil security in itself. Protecting nature from the toxic products of our society, protecting property and people from environmental disasters, sometimes very severe and sometimes man-made, is part of the daily life of firefighters.

Emergency aid to people, traffic accidents, industrial risks and pollution, fires and Forest fires, contingency plans : these are some of the interventions they should take.

We can also talk about wildlife conservation ! The best-known example is this spectacular intervention at the Côtes-d’Armor in 2002: the rescue of 150 dolphins stranded in a dry area.

An ecological change for the institution

The institution itself is taking an ecological turn in its operation. Some fire and rescue services, for example, electric vehicles. This is the case of the Loire. Marianne Darfeuille, chairman of SDIS 42, explains:we enter into a social logic with energy saving. SDIS wants to be in harmony with the environment and therefore invests in electric vehicles every year for operational trips and administrative and technical personnel.“.

An investment that also corresponds to the department’s geographic restrictions: “The entire Loire section is long. Therefore, it is reasonable if we want to go from Saint-Étienne to Roanne. You can charge the car in Roanne, no problem‘ assures the head of the Loire firefighters.

stunning numbers

Despite the quarantine in 2020, the statistics of firefighters are dizzying:
– More than 4,290,000 interventions
– 11,755 interventions per day
– Intervention every 6.5 seconds.
– About 4 million victims were taken care of.

So… Thanks and congratulations to the 250,000 firefighters in France!


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